In order to carry out this set of activities, the Foundation has signed agreements with the following institutions:

  • Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)

  • Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
  • National University of Distance Education (UNED), Spain
  • University of Comillas, Madrid, Spain
  • National University of Piura (Peru)
  • National University of San Cristobal de Huamanga, Ayacucho, Peru
  • Scientific University of Peru, Iquitos, Loreto, Peru
  • National University of Frontera, Sullana, Peru
  • Autonomous University of Chiapas, Mexico
  • National University of Rosario, Argentina
  • Provincial Municipality of Ayabaca, Piura, Peru
  • Provincial Municipality of Piura, Peru
  • Provincial Municipality of Huamanga, Ayacucho, Peru
  • San José de Ushua District Municipality, Ayacucho, Peru
  • Municipality of Roboré, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Higher Institute of Fine Arts Huaman Poma, Huamanga, Peru
  • Higher Institute of Art “Ignacio Merino” from Piura, Peru
  • Technological Institute "Luis Negreiros Vega” of San Martin de Porres, Lima, Peru
  • Higher School of Public Artistic Training of Fine Arts Víctor Morey Peña from Iquitos-Maynas, Loreto, Peru
  • Foundation Crecer Jugando, Spain
  • Foundation Ábaco, Rosario, Argentina
  • Foundation town school boys (CEMU), Leganés, Spain

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Fundación Educación Desarrollo

Playing Against the Coronavirus

In February 2020 we had to interrupt all the face-to-face activities of the playgroups networks but, despite the confinement due to the covid pandemic, and at the request of the children themselves, we maintained some recreational activities online.

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Fundación Educación Desarrollo

Culture, education and psychological development

Is collected in this volume on the intangible heritage of the Sierra de Ayabaca. The celebration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru could have been an excellent framework to claim the contribution of this heritage to the sustainable development of the country.

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Monthly Report


Monthly Report

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