(New York 1915-New York 2016)

These Biographical Notes aim to provide the reader with a brief overview of the academic and geographical contexts in which Bruner has developed most of a work that constitutes, not only for psychologists and educators, an important reference for the second half of this century. The context is important to be able to understand the original character and the pleasure of the discovery that the construction of knowledge supposes, whether it is a child or a scientist who embarks on that adventure. And it is important to identify, in order to understand the different stretches or stages traveled, both the "allies" in each of these companies and the "opposites" whom it is intended to refute, more numerous, throughout such a long and fruitful intellectual trajectory. , which should be noted in these Notes. Finally, we allude to some peculiarity of his theory, in constant reformulation, and its relationship with others such as Piaget or Vygotsky, of which he has also been one of the greatest and best disseminators in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Cumpleaños N°100

Jerome Bruner

Dr. José Luis Linaza Iglesias

Education is not only, nor should it be exclusively dedicated to the transmission of established knowledge. It should also be dedicated to cultivating awareness of the human condition and generating the ability to understand the nature and sources of knowledge. That is to say, education does not only consist of mastering a content but also consists of capturing what it is to know and to understand.

Jose Luis Linaza y Jerome Bruner


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