We know nature through Nest Boxes


We play, discover and learn in the field.


We play, discover and learn in the field.

Currently, the misuse of natural resources towards an unsustainable environment has contributed to a homogenization of the landscape, thereby reducing the large mature or old trees where the fauna allows it to nest. With this, different species such as passerine birds or mammals such as bats have been affected by not having places to take refuge.  All of this is influenced by a sudden climate change and makes a high percentage of the forests young and, therefore, does not give the trees opportunities to have cavities.

For this reason, we have visited the mountains of Madrid with the aim that boys and girls discover and investigate all the benefits that nature offers us, but above all, the most important thing is that the little ones enjoy and learn by playing. We have started this new experience, with the creation of wooden nesting boxes, which were acquired from a non-profit association. These materials arrived disassembled, whose first objective was their construction where we had the wonderful support of the mothers and fathers of the boys and girls from the Usera playgroup in Madrid. This took us two weeks to assemble and a week later to decorate, allowing children to implement their creativity and imagination through drawing and painting, which we can see below in the photographs.

Thanks to our Education and Development Foundation, we were able to transport the children on a bus that picked them up at the playgroup and took them to Miraflores de la Sierra where we had a first stop at a plot that allowed us to plant trees and nuts. , and more. We have also visited a farm with farm animals such as horses and sheep. As a last activity on the plot, the boys and girls hung their nest boxes that they created in the past sessions in their playroom with the help of our fellow volunteers and their parents.  

The nest boxes in our projects allow many species the possibility of nesting and increasing their population. And, as confirmed by different studies from associations dedicated to environmental conservation, after the placement of nest boxes, an increase in breeding is observed in them, which stabilizes in the third or fourth year. Continuing with our excursion, we enjoyed the wonderful landscape of the Sierra de Madrid and then finally arrived at the Fuente del Cura, where the little ones sang, played and ate.

Reasons to place nest boxes:

  1. They provide birds with safer places for breeding and shelter, reducing nest predation.
  2. They provide nesting places for species where there are none naturally in cavities.
  3. They facilitate the recovery of threatened species, improving the diversity of the ecosystem.
  4. They enhance the conservation of birds, providing biological control against possible pests such as mosquitoes. With them, the use of insecticides that are harmful to the environment is reduced.
  5. They give rise to scientific studies, providing data to different investigations of animal behavior, bioindicator species, etc.
  6. They provide a good space for nature lovers to observe these birds, take photographs, environmental education, etc. We must always keep in mind that, if we intend to take care of something, better results are obtained if you know it, if you like it or have seen it.
  7. Visiting and enjoying natural spaces contributes to improving our health and feeling better about ourselves.
  8. They allow biodiversity to be enhanced and the environment improved, promoting a project for everyone and contributing to service learning.

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