El compromiso con la Agenda 2030 nos invoca a Reducir - Reciclar - Reutilizar, es por ello que junto a los y las peques hemos realizado diversos juguetes o cosas que nos sirvan para nuestros hogares con material completamente reciclado. El cuidado de nuestro planeta es compromiso de todos y todas, es así que nuestros peques lo demuestran compartiendo sus actividades realizadas en las actividades virtuales.

Homemade Pots

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we made some beautiful pots, these are made with a plastic bottle, colored caps, temperas or watercolor and a garden plant. 

Pelotas de las emociones

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the little ones made toys antistress, applying the emotions that they recognized in their daily lives. For this activity the materials used were: Balloon, sand or flour, markers and strips of thread.

Títeres de mano

On the occasion of International Theater Day, our little ones made their beautiful sock puppets, they also gave each puppet their funny names. To make this craft they needed: sock, red cardboard, wool or thread, movable eyes or bottle cap, marker and glue.

Pencil holders

On the occasion of the International Day of Education, the little ones created some beautiful pencil holders with fruit designs, that will help keep their colored pencils and markers in order. For this activity they needed the following materials: sumo box, glitter sheets, black marker or movable eyes.


Creating recycled paper figures is one of the favorite activities of the little ones, here we present some of the figures that were made in the Origami workshop. 

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Monthly Report

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