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The Education and Development Foundation together with the various institutions of Spain and Peru, launch this campaign "I CHOOSE MY TOYS", within the framework of the commemoration of the International Day of Women and of Non-Violence and Peace. They will be able to visualize and comment on all the presentations and works carried out by the collaborators.

Yo elijo mis Juguetes


The main objective of the campaign is to help break these stereotypes that fathers and mothers have gone through with their sons and daughters. "I CHOOSE MY TOYS" promotes in a way that is quite clear and understandable for children that a toy is totally different from any gender identity, that is, that toys are made for children, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl. All the little ones can play with the toys they choose and that's fine.


Dra. Irene Solbes Canales

Topic: Gender stereotypes and prejudices in the choice of games and toys.

Hired Professor Doctor of the Department of Research and Psychology in Education of the Faculty of Education at the Complutense University of Madrid. Throughout his academic and research career, he has participated in numerous research projects related to emotional and social aspects of evolutionary development during childhood and adolescence, as well as learning and education in different contexts. He teaches classes in various degrees and masters of the Complutense related to education. 

Dra. Angela Morales Fernández

Tema: El arte como herramienta educativa para la igualdad.

Profesora e Investigadora titular, directora del Departamento Interfacultativo de Música en la Facultad de Formación de Profesorado y Educación de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, doctora en Didáctica de la Expresión Musical por la (UAM) desde 2008. Titulada por el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid en Flauta de Pico y Canto desde 1990; especializándose en el estudio de la Flauta de Pico en Bélgica y en didáctica de la expresión musical en Estados Unidos, Austria y Hungría.

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Alizia Cuadros Málaga

ACTRESS, DIRECTOR, INSTRUCTOR AND ART WORKSHOP: DANCE, BALLET, THEATER AND DANCE. Through art and culture, we work to reduce violence in the most vulnerable communities. The theater helps us to express ourselves and vent our problems and prejudices, below I present my artistic career: 

Dra. Bethy Norma Hernandez Dominguez

DOCTOR IN PUBLIC MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE, DEGREE IN COMMUNICATION SCIENCES. Qualified and qualified journalist with 25 years of experience defending people affected by gender, family and sexual violence, activist for the rights of women, children and adolescents at risk of vulnerability. Responsible for prevention and promotion of the women's emergency center of SMP - LIMA - PERU, UGEL 02 liaison, advisor to the district coordination body, active member of the coordination spaces in the SMP district, specialist in communication for development, public manager in processes for the insertion of public policies in local management. Advocacy and political and social incidence in public management with a gender approach.

Betzy Huaman Bautista

PROFESSOR IN PRIMARY EDUCATION, POSTGRADUATE AT THE FEDERICO VILLAREAL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, TERRITORIAL ARTICULATOR OF THE MULTISECTORAL STRATEGY OF SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD OF THE MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF PERU. seeks to improve the living conditions of the neighbors through the involvement of the Peruvian National Police of the Local Government, sectors, State programs, NGOs, which contribute to the prevention of the different risk factors, such as: Citizen insecurity, The consumption of drugs and alcohol, the Mental Health gap, Domestic and gender violence, Violent Environments for boys and girls, school desertion, improper use of free time and the recovery of Public Spaces in this way, Multisectoral work has been carried out by carrying out a campaign , multisectoral marches and fairs, seeking the active participation of all members of the family (boys, girls, adolescents, young people and the elderly).

ST3 PNP Iparraguirre Palma Lisseth

PROMOTER OF THE OFFICE OF CITIZEN PARTICIPATION OF THE BARBONCITO COMMISSION STATION – SMP – LIMA – PERU. The citizen participation office always seeks to generate equality between men and women, that is why in all the preventive programs that we carry out, we promote that men and women have the same rights and we teach it from our children, demonstrating it in our club for minors that we develop our minichef workshop where boys and girls developed their skills in the kitchen demonstrating that it is a role not only for women.


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